Polar Bear
(Ursus maritimus)
Black-legged Kittiwake
(Rissa trydactyla)
Sea Butterfly
(Clione limacine)
(Monodon monoceros)
Arctic Fox
(Vulpes lagopus)
Pacific Walrus
(Odobenus rosmarus divergens)
Northern Sea Nettle Jellyfish
(Crysaora melanaster)
Ocean Algae
(un-named species)

Our Central Arctic Ocean’s
floating ice-reef habitat is disappearing.

Life-supporting biodiversity and
ecosystem services are at risk.

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* Representing annual summer sea ice extent


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As the floating ice-reef recedes, species within the Central Arctic Ocean face existential threats from indirect and direct human activity.

Greenhouse gas emissions are warming and acidifying the waters, altering the salinity and currents, and changing the region’s climate faster than anywhere on Earth - and these threats are intensifying due to the Arctic Amplification Effect.

Any additional risks posed by commercial fishing, international shipping and hydrocarbon extraction put at risk the function of the Arctic Ocean’s ecosystem.

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Proposed Solution:
Protect this global commons
for global public benefit

The 90 North Foundation’s proposed solution is to establish a Marine Protected Area, potentially with Fully Protected status, for the Central Arctic Ocean, through an international legal instrument by 2030 – the Central Arctic Ocean Marine Reserve.

As a Marine Protected Area covering 2.8 million sq km around the North Pole, it would be the world’s most iconic and largest wildlife reserve - with ‘Fully Protected’ MPA status providing the highest level of protection for biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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With your support we will establish the Central Arctic Ocean Marine Reserve for the global public benefit.

Marine research, public education and conservation advocacy are now urgently needed to protect the region’s threatened wildlife, habitat and ecosystem services.

In a partnership with the 90 North Foundation, the University of Exeter’s world-class marine research faculty has set up the Central Arctic Ocean Research Unit. Its purpose is to research the risks to the region’s biodiversity and ecosystem services – and the solution.

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to protect this valuable ecosystem.


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