10% For The Ocean

June 14, 2021

90 North Foundation and 10% For The Ocean

10% for the Ocean, the global initiative dedicated to safeguarding our plant’s most vital resource, the ocean, has awarded a grant in support 90 North Foundation’s pioneering work during the COVID-19 epidemic; for which 90NF is intensely appreciative in these challenging times.

As a non-profit foundation 10% for the Ocean serves as a critical gateway for individuals, businesses, NGOs, and trusts to support ocean conservation efforts around the world by dedicating to it 10% of their charitable giving.

10% channels every donation into its global network of Ocean Recovery Partners, empowering a global alliance of local organisations. 10% also funds and advocates for initiatives that drive positive and equitable change, ensuring the protection, recovery and support of our global ocean.

Its vision is of a future where the oceans are not just surviving but thriving. A world where the diversity of marine life is preserved for future generations, and sustainable practices ensure the resilience of marine ecosystems. A world where a global community of ocean-focused local non-profits work together towards the common goal of ensuring the health and vitality of our seas.