Inigo Sponsors Our International Photographic Exhibition, An Ocean Revealed – Arctic Ocean Biodiversity

September 1, 2023

c.Audun Rikardsen

One of 90 North Foundation’s early phase assets was to be a portable photographic exhibition which showcased the spectacular biodiversity of the Arctic Ocean. The exhibition is designed to be able to be moved around the UK, and set-up and taken down, with relative ease.

90NF worked closely with the freelance picture editor, Joe Plimmer, to oversee the sourcing of hundreds of images for selection, with photographers contributing from across the Arctic region – x27 images were chosen.

We also worked with Duncan Dick (Devil’s Ivy Creative) to plan their presentation, using super-high quality photo-materials, recyclable A1 and A2-sized mounting boards, and easels.

Subjects ranged from the Arctic’s familiar charismatic marine mega-fauna like polar bear, bowhead whale and walrus … to the less well-known actors in this unique ecosystem’s food web like skeleton shrimps, sea butterfly and phytoplankton.