Special Advisory Panel

August 18, 2022

Prof Dan Laffoley (Bt), previously the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN’s) Principal Advisor to the UN Global & Polar Oceans Conservation Programme, has kindly made his expertise available throughout the formative phase of the 90 North Foundation. We are honoured and absolutely delighted Prof Laffoley has confirmed his acceptance to become the first advisor on the Foundation’s Special Advisory Panel.

Laffoley is a well-respected leading global expert on ocean conservation, and is currently Emeritus Marine Vice Chair of the (IUCN)’s World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA). He also chairs the Hope Spot Council, and is an Emeritus Board Member of Mission Blue. In March 2021 Dan was awarded the Fred Packard Award by IUCN and WCPA in recognition of having dedicated his life and career to conservation, and especially as an outstanding and inspiring figure in global marine protected areas.

Prior to these appointments and up until 2022 Dan was Principal Advisor, Marine Science and Conservation for the IUCN’s Global Marine & Polar Programme, and held the global honorary role as Marine Vice Chair for the WCPA for 17 years, providing a world-wide lead on ocean protection. For over 35 years Dan has been responsible for the creation of many national, European and global partnerships and alliances that underpin modern-day marine conservation. He served as chief scientific advisor for the marine environment in Natural England, for over a decade headed-up the marine conservation programme for English Nature and has also worked in a variety of other roles including special marine environmental advisor for the Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Strategy Unit, and for the European Commission.