Speech at UNFCCC COP26 (Green Zone)

November 18, 2021

Savills plc hosted an event in the Green Zone of COP26 (Glasgow) focused on the urgency for owners to strive to reach net carbon zero for their built and rural estates.

Savills is highly focused on this issue with its in-house team of over 120 sustainability experts working within its Savills Earth facility. One of the contributors to their COP26 event was Pen Hadow who gave a talk about the world’s fastest changing environment, the Central Arctic Ocean, and the existential threats this was causing not only to the region’s wildlife and the ecosystem services it provides, but to the UK and the wider global community. The video recording of the talk, made available on Savills’ online channel, received its highest recorded viewership – and inspired a number of organisation’s to approach Savills for an introduction to the 90 North Foundation.